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Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA)

About Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA)

Global Big Data and business analytics market stood at US$ 169 billion in 2018 and is projected to grow to US$ 274 billion in 2022. Data Analytics is the fastest-growing field nowadays, and businesses are acknowledging the need to implement Data Analytics into their day-to-day operations. There are plenty of opportunities for Data Analytics Professionals in the global market

Adani Institute of Digital Technology (AIDTM) offers a one-year Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA). AIDTM designed EPBA that is highly industry-driven and relevant. It is delivered by a galaxy of renowned experts from industry and academia. The program offers an unmatched and flexible learning opportunity without creating any disruption to working professionals.

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    Programme Highlights

    • Program designed and delivered by best of the industry experts.
    • Effective understanding of the knowledge through self-assesment quizzes & assignments
    • 130+ Hours Live Online Sessions
    • Subject Matter Experts from Adani Group & other industry experts.
    • 150 Hours of real-life Assignments & Projects beyond classroom learning experience.
    • 70 hours - Campus Classes optional (30hrs) at additional cost (Boarding, Lodging and Travelling) and Self-Paced Recorded Videos (40hrs).
    • 6 weeks virtual capstone project with your current organization or with the help of a synthetic data.
    • Placement Assistance and introduction to 3 hiring partners, however placements are subjected to the interviewer's decision. *(Existing Adani group company employees are not eligible for interviews/placements/internal transfer)

    Tools & Techniques Covered

    • Microsoft Excel
    • Python
    • Power BI
    • Apache Hive
    • Apache Hadoop
    • Mongo DB
    • R
    • Apache Spark

    How Will EPBA transform you into a Futurist?

    The EPBA is a truly up-to-date and robust program in business analytics. The program is designed on a bottom-up approach that enables business leaders and ambitious professionals to comprehend essential concepts of business analytics. After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Comprehend data-driven problems and challenges
    • Work in any data-driven industry
    • Analyze the data with the help of skills you learned
    • Make decisions to lead your organization

    The Curriculum

    1.   1. Introduction to Business Analytics and Explanation of the entire course (1 Week)
    2.   2. Basics of Statistics and Probability (4 Weeks)
    3.   3. Basics of R programming (4 Weeks)
    4.   4. Fundamentals of Python (6 Weeks)
    5.   5. Power BI (5 Weeks)
    6.   6. Business world Implementation Plan for Power BI (4 Weeks)
    7.   7. Design Thinking (2 Weeks)
    8.   8. Time series Models in Business Forecasting and Spradesheet (6 Weeks)
    9.   9. Big Data Analytics (4 Weeks)
    10.  10. Machine Learning (4 Weeks)
    11.  11. Cyber Security / Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Crime (4 Weeks)
    12.  12. Virtual Capstone Project and Career Counselling Sessions (6 Weeks)

    Virtual Capstone Project

    Virtual capstone project provides participants the opportunity to gain hands-on learning experience in conducting business data analytics. Participants can integrate their therotical and practical understanding into real world competitive business scenario for better data driven decision making.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding of statistical concepts and techniques for analyzing data.
    • Familiarity with data visualization tools and techniques.
    • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and their applications.
    • Ability to use data to identify and understand target markets, customer needs, and consumer behaviour.
    • Ability to interpret and communicate the results of data analysis to stakeholders.

    Diverse Roles that Business Analytics offer

    • Data Analyst
    • Business Analyst
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Data Scientist
    • Data Architect
    • Data Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Chief Data Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer

    Who Can Apply?

    • Bachelor or master’s degree in any discipline.
    • Minimum 3 years of work experience.
    • No pre-requisite of programming skills.

    How to Apply?

    • 1. Fill the inquiry form
    • 2. Talk to our Academic Counselor
    • 3. Fill Application Form
    • 4. Candidate Evaluation (Profile and SOP)
    • 5. Provisional Admission Offer Letter
    • 6. Pay Fee and Confirm Enrolment

    About Jaro Education

    Jaro Education a leading EdTech company and a pioneer in the executive education space is a strategic marketing partner for AIDTM, for their Executive Program in Business Analytics.

    How to Apply: Interested candidates may apply using the Apply Now Button:

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    Contact details: Mr. Anand Krishnan- 9043001261 for assistance or write to

    Program Schedule and Fee

    S. No




    Program duration

    1 year (Apr.2023 - Mar. 2024)


    Learning Total Hours

    360+ Hours


    Online Classroom

    130+ Hours (Sunday 04:30 PM to 07:00 PM)


    At Campus hours and Self-paced learning hours

    30hrs on campus action packed learning, Business Networking and opportunity to meet various adani group company seniors.

    *Please Note:- These Sessions will not be replaceable in virtual form.

    40hrs self paced learning in the form of various video recording by AIDTM One drive library, faculty videos assignments, self reading and assesments.


    Doubt Solving Classes

    10 hours (For the entire year. There will be multiple faculties panel to solve doubts in the group.)


    Beyond Clasroom Learning

    150 hours


    Number of Modules



    Virtual Capstone Project and One on One Career Counselling (15 min each)

    6 Weeks


    Fee (Admission, Tution, Course Material)

    1,50,000/- (inclusive GST)

    No cost EMI available

         Note: Session-wise program schedule will be given separately.

    Program Certificate

    To be awarded an EPBA certificate after the program, a participant must fulfill requirements and other policies prescribed by the AIDTM.